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Cleanviro Odour-Control Cleaning Solution

Cleanviro spray cleaning solution is composed of biological elements and other natural plant extracts like the cleanviro tablet but its formulation is more for an aerosol application to complement the use of cleanviro urinal tablet - just simply spray for immediate result

The cleaning solution is used in daily maintenance of urinals installed with Cleanviro tablets to maintain hygienic appearance and cleanliness, and to eliminate odours in other areas of the toilet such as floors and walls.

With its all natural plant extracts, it leaves the area fragrant smelling for a period of time and it is totally non-toxic , no hazardous element is included in its composition.

How safe is Cleanviro cleaning solution ?
The solution is environmental friendly and non-hazardous, with the following environmental benefits:
Low VOCs, low photochemical reactants, non-toxic, non-flammable, ingredients are biodegradable, economical and safe to use

How does Cleanviro cleaning solution work?
The cleaning solution is composed of natural plant extracts and highly effective proprietary biological elements that thrive on odorous environment. It encapsulates, emulsifies, and generates specific reactions to odorous compounds, neutralizing the odour and leaving the surrounding area with a mild citrus fragrance.
Active ingredients
Emulsifier, odour neutralizing agent, citronella essential oil, natural polypnenols blend, manuka oil, non ionic sphoro lipid, other plant extracts and water.

How to use Cleanviro spray cleaning solution
Simply spray into urinal face, steps, walls, or any other source of odour and within seconds it will come into action and neutralize the odour and leave the area with a mild fragrant smell.
Economical and easy on the budget
Cleanviro cleaning solution comes in bottles of one litre and five litre concentrate and has a high dilution rate of 1:25 (One litre concentrate can be mixed with up to 25 litres of water), translating into less than a dollar per litre of cleaning solution. For a highly odorous environment, the dilution rate can be strengthened up to 1:10 for a more effective result.



Cleanviro spray cleaning solution complements the urinal tablet to provide minimum maintenance to urinals installed with the Cleanviro odour-control urinal tablet

Featured Product:
CleanviroTM odour-control urinal tablet
Main features:
- Cleanviro's unique mixture of plant extracts and propietory elements eliminates and emulsifies urine odour
- Contains microbial ingredients that prevent uric and lime scale buildup
- simply toss into an existing urinal and make it waterless in an instant
- Almost 99% daily water savings
- Save thousands of litres of fresh water with just one cleanviro tablet
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