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Comparative Analysis - Waterless Urinal Systems vs Flushed Wall Urinal



Water consumption - Going waterless vs flushed male urinals


Across all Australian states, any water consumption during a year which is over 1kL (or 1,000 litres) a day is charged between $1 - $1.50 per kL , charge from state to state varies. As water usage increases, so does the charge per kilolitre.


If one male urinal is averaging 100 flushes a day, the consumption of that ONE urinal per day is about 380 litres, or 138,700 litres a year and water cost would average around $185 per year. More flushes per urinal means higher water consumption and water cost.


Aside from the water consumption, water companies also charge establishments sewer usage costs. The more wastewater a commercial establishment disposes, the higher the bill. The price per 1kL of wastewater discharged normally exceeds $1. Sydney Water calculates the sewer usage charge at $1.296 per Kilolitre of water usage.


Yearly average cost based on number of flushed urinals installed in an establishment

Flushed urinal

One urinal

Two urinals

Three urinals

Four urinals

Five urinals

Yearly Water consumed

139 kL

278 kL

417 kL

556 kL

695 kL

Yearly Water cost






Yearly wastewater charge (approx)






Average urinal operating cost per year













SAVINGS based on number of flushed urinals installed in an establishment


One urinal

Two urinals

Three urinals

Four urinals

Five urinals

Yearly savings -water

138,700 litres

277,400 litres

416,100 litres

554,800 litres

693,500 litres

* Calculation based on approximate of 100 uses per day per urinal
Important Note:
- The figure specified above is based on a conservative estimate of   around 100 uses per day on a water-efficient wall-hung type urinal. Stainless steel floor type urinals consume more water (up to 10 litres per flush) therefore water usage is higher.

- In other commercial establishments (ie, pubs, hotels, schools etc) , the average use of each urinal per day easily exceeds 500 uses per day, therefore in more heavy-traffic establishments, bigger savings can be achieved in both water bills and water consumption by switching to Cleanviro.


Economic and environment benefits
- The efficacy of one cleanviro tablet on average use would last between 3-6 weeks, depending on how heavy the usage is
- Equivalent to around 7,500 flushes or 50,000 litres of fresh water saved by just one cleanviro tablet.
- On average use of 100 flushes a day, savings of more than $1,000 a year per urinal and more than 450,000 litres of precious water is saved each year PER URINAL

Be Clean. Be Green.

Cleanviro helps you help the environment - and you achieve savings while doing so, it's a Win-Win solution.


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- Contains microbial ingredients that prevent uric and lime scale buildup
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- Almost 99% daily water savings
- Save thousands of litres of fresh water with just one cleanviro tablet
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