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Cyclic flush male urinal is one of the most water-intensive toilet devices that are presently used in most commercial establishments.

Even the most water-efficient wall hung type urinals still consume about 3.8 litres of water per flush. Stainless steel floor type urinals , on the other hand, waste as much as 10 to 15 litres of water per flush - fresh clean water that is alarmingly getting scarce.

On average commercial use of 100 flushes a day, that equates to between 380 to 750 litres of fresh water consumed per urinal. Some urinals in busy establishments are flushed more than 100 times. Taking these figures into account, MORE THAN 250,000 litres of fresh water every year can be wasted by one conventional water-flushed urinal alone.

In some commercial establishments, urinals account to almost 20% of total water bill - and it is estimated that they take up about 2% of the community's water supply.

Cleanvironment Australia offers you alternative solution that saves you money and you help save the environment by conserving our precious fresh water supply.

We have developed an odour-control urinal tablet that specifically address water wastage concerns by making your existing urinals completely waterless.


With our CleanviroTM products , its a win-win solution.

Cleanviro odour-control urinal tablet for wall-hung type urinal

NEW : Cleanviro MAXXI specially designed for stainless steel type floor urinal

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Cleanvironment exhibit photos during the DesignBUILD Expo, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center, Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia on May 21 - 23 , 2009. Our latest products and services was on on display 

Featured Product:
CleanviroTM odour-control urinal tablet
Main features:
- Cleanviro's unique mixture of plant extracts and propietory elements eliminates and emulsifies urine odour
- Contains microbial ingredients that prevent uric and lime scale buildup
- simply toss into an existing urinal and make it waterless in an instant
- Almost 99% daily water savings
- Save thousands of litres of fresh water with just one cleanviro tablet
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